Business Loan Parameters

      Business Loan Parameters

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        The Business Loan is for Comgate customers who have used a payment gateway or payment terminal for at least six months. It can be drawn in an amount between CZK 50,000 and CZK 2,000,000, the specific maximum amount depends on the volume of payments on the payment gateway or terminal. The total fee for the loan is based on the chosen maturity and risk profil. For a 3-month maturity it is from 2.4% to 3.9 %, for a 6-month maturity it is 4.8 % to 7.8 % and for a 12-month maturity it is from 9.6 % to 15.6 %. Repayment is made automatically by deductions from transactions.

        Who can take out a loan?

        The loan is intended for Comgate clients who use a payment gateway or payment terminal and in the last six months their payment volume has not fallen below CZK 20,000/month. The loan can be used for anything related to the business - for example, expansion of warehouse space, purchase of goods, marketing campaign, etc.

        What is the application and approval process?

        You can apply for a loan in the Client Portal. The application, approval and signing of the contract is done online, and the approval process takes approximately 10 minutes. You will receive the funds within three working days.

        What documents are required?

        During the loan application process, you will need to provide a two-sided scan of your ID and a selfie with an ID that shows a photo of the applicant. Also, a second document to verify identity (driver's license, passport or health insurance card) and a copy of the last three months' bank statement. The documents can be uploaded in PDF format or as an image (JPG, PNG, IMG).

        What are the liability requirements?

        In cases where the assessment results in the need for a guarantee, we only require a personal guarantee by a simple declaration. There is no need for a mortgage on the property, additional guarantors, notarization, etc.

        Who is the loan provider?

        The loan provider is Lemonero, s.r.o., which is co-owned by Komerční banka, a.s. This loan product has been tailor-made for Comgate clients and is provided exclusively in cooperation with Comgate.  

        How is the loan repaid?

        Repayment is automatically deducted from each trade transaction through Comgate's payment gateway or payment terminal. In the event of a lapse or suspension of transactions through the payment gateway or Comgate terminal, you are required to adhere to the repayment schedule specified in the contract and make payments manually or send the difference by bank transfer to the specified account.

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        Sample billing statement:

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