Check Terminal Status

      Check Terminal Status

        Article Summary

        When the terminal is connected to Wi-Fi, LAN or via a data SIM, the connection indicator appears in the status bar at the top of the screen. 

        We recommend that you check the status of the terminal:

        • Launch the Switchio Store app - this will display the terminal ID (TID) if the terminal is connected to the internet.
        • Launch the Switchio Pay app - the online icon will appear, and if you are launching the terminal or the Switchio Pay app for the first time, it will complete the initialization.
        • In the Switchio Pay app settings, click Server parameters → Download configuration.

        If the terminal is connected to the internet, the configuration will be downloaded. This process is displayed in the Switchio Pay app, and the terminal prints a confirmation when it is complete.

        If the terminal is not connected to the Internet, an error message is displayed and the terminal prints the error message. 

        This problem can have several causes: 

        • An outage on the part of the Internet provider.
        • a blockage at the network security level
        • incorrect router settings
        • router error
        • data SIM/tariff is exhausted or aggressive FUP is set
        • SIM card is faulty
        • SIM has a PIN set, this has not been entered
        • mobile operator network outage

        Recommended Steps:

        1. Contact support to see if the terminal is active (established and has keys assigned). 
        2. Verify the password entered on the Wi-Fi
        3. Reboot the terminal
        4. Restart the router
        5. Replace the data SIM
        6. Cancel the PIN on the SIM card
        7. Verify that the data plan is valid and active
        8. Connect the terminal to the hotspot created by the mobile phone
        9. Ask the IT company managing the router to check or modify the settings
        10. Replace the router
        11. Connect the terminal to another router
        12. Switch to a different Wi-Fi network
        13. Check or replace the LAN cable (the connector may be loose on the terminal or router side
        14. Check the local network (test the terminal IP address, ping, tracert, etc.)

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