Commercial Platforms

      Commercial Platforms

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        Even a non-programmer can activate the payment gateway with commercial platforms. For your convenience, we have prepared guides for implementing payment gateways for the most common e-shop solutions.

        ByznysWeb.czByznysWeb >
        Clevero >
        Easy ShopIT Studio s.r.o.
        eBRÁNAeBRÁNA >
        eshop-rychleGolemos >
        ExitShopExitShop >
        FAPIFAPI Business s.r.ohere >
        FastCentrikNetdirect >
        MioWebMioWeb, >
        Garvis Solutions s.r.o.
        here >
        ShopifyShopify International Limitedhere >
        ShopSystemNet-system >
        ShoptetShoptet >
        UnisBookUnisSoft >
        UPGatesEVici webdesign s.r.o.
        WebarealBohemiasoft >

        Other supported solutions

        4 – 4WORKS

        A – AceIT, ABRA, ADVIN base, Aktiv Communication, Animato, ANTstudio, Appio

        B –, Binargon, BizBox,, BlueGhost, BSSHOP, ByznysWeb

        C – CeSYS, CIS, Clevero, ClickEshop, COFIS, CS Technologies, CyberSoft

        D – David Studio net, DAxPA, DEENZO, devx, digimadi people

        E – eABM, eBRÁNA,, Elasticr, emorfiq, Ennos, eSports, eStudio, EViDSOFT, Ewebovky, ExitShop, Expando, EZ Convey

        F – FAPI, Fast-Shop, Firmadat, FlexBook

        G – G-Think media, Graweb

        H –

        I – ID Tech, iFakturant, INIZIO, inSociety, Inspishop, iSportsystem, IT Studio, Ivemep Development, IZON

        J – Jídlo 365, Jedničky, Jiří Wasserbauer

        K – KETNET, Kicero Group, Kollár Services

        L – Life Invest a.s., Lukason

        M – Machin, Magic-shop, Magic Ware, Manolo Design, MarketSoul, Media33, MemberPRO Luxart, MHMSYS,

        N – NE2D, NetGate, Nextis, Nody, Nový Web

        O – oXyShop

        P – Payment Systems, PEAR, Poski, Pixelhouse, Plugo, Pretissimo, Previo, PrimaFuture, Programia, Pro Holding, PROSEO Media, PSHK, Puxdesign

        R – Railsformers, Reservanto, Retailys, Rocketoo

        S – Semakin, Shop4You, Shop5, Shopio, Shopion, Shop Store Shopsys, Shop system, Simpleshop, Simplia, SIRIUS, smworks, SOFICO, Solidpixels, Sportimea, Stocked, STOVKA Vision

        T – Thimble, Topinfo, TomAtom, Tritius, Tyrion Software

        U – Umimeweby

        V – Venota, VRK Plus

        W – Wavevisio, webbook, Web Czech, webdílna | co, Webmex, Webnaut, Webooker, Weby24

        X – XEVOS, X Production

        Z – Z-WARE, ZONER inShop

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