Customized Gateway Appearance

      Customized Gateway Appearance

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        As an additional service, we offer the option of setting your own payment gateway design. You can insert your own logo, set your own header text color, custom background color with the option to align the logo to the left or to the center.

        We also offer to insert a custom image on the background of the payment page. Examples of implementations are here:

        Specification of required documents

        Logo parameters: png format, max width 250 px, height 116 px.

        To define the background color of the form header (the background under the logo) we recommend to deliver it preferably in HEX format.

        For the background image, preferably choose a size of 1920 x 1080 (jpg format) - the image will expand or shrink, but always so that the aspect ratio is maintained. It must not be too large in size - we recommend a maximum of 100 kB. There will always be a semi-transparent grey rgba layer (10; 10; 10; 0.6) above the image - to hide the effects of compression. 

        On mobile phones the image is usually not displayed (depends on the resolution).

        The background image serves as the background of the payment gateway window. If there are graphic elements such as a logo, it cannot be guaranteed that it will be in the visible area on all devices.

        If you are interested in this feature, please contact our customer support.

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