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        Do you use the FastCentrik for your e-shop? Offer your customers an attractive real-time online payment option with our payment gateway Comgate. After paying for the order, we will immediately inform you that you can ship the goods.

        Setting up the payment gateway in the FastCentrik e-shop administration

        The first step of setting up a payment gateway is concluding a business cooperation agreement and activating this service. We have prepared a detailed guide for you, which should help you with the settings step by step.

        In the administration of your e-shop, you can find all the settings in this section: Settings/Third-party applications/Payment gateways/Comgate. Here, the settings are divided into two areas: Comgate - payment gateway and Comgate - return URL.

        You log in to the Comgate Client Portal using the data sent to you by our sales representative.

        After start-up, you will find the following tabs in the Comgate administration:

        Transactions tab

        • Contains all transactions including their statuses.
        • Here you can filter which payments you want to display. Either all of them, by period, status, payment method or currency.
        • Daily bulk transfers to your bank account are also available in the Transfers section.

        Store Settings tab

        • Under this tab you will find all your transactions that will be paid through our payment gateway.
        • Clicking on the name of the store will take you to its details, where the Details, Contact Information and Store Connection sections are available to you.

        Technical connection tab

        • You can find all the instructions and documentation for the payment gateway in the Comgate Client Portal via this path: Technical connection/Technical documentation, where you can find, in addition to the individual steps, a manual available for download.


        Start setting up your payment gateway by following this path: Store settings/click on your store name/Contact details tab.

        Contact information

        Here you will find a phone number and e-mail infoline to fill in, an e-mail for sending errors and an e-mail for information about individual payments, some of which are pre-filled.

        Linking stores

        A link detail is available in this section.

        Pressing the pencil symbol will take you to the edit mode, where you can edit all the necessary data.

        In this section you will find important data that needs to be entered in the administration of your e-shop. This is the e-shop connection identifier and password. These data are unique and are generated separately for each customer.

        You can also check whether you want a confirmation e-mail to be automatically sent to customers when the payment is successful.

        Then you input the store connection identifier and password in the administration of your FastCentrik at this location: Settings/3rd party applications/Payment gateways/Comgate.

        The return URL

        When setting up this payment gateway, in the Comgate - return URL section, you will find the URL address that needs to be copied into the Comgate Client Portal.

        URL addresses are unique for each e-shop, so copy the addresses only directly from your administration.

        Put all four addresses in the Comgate administration in the appropriate places according to the names - (Store settings / click on your store name / Store Link tab / press the pencil symbol).

        IP address

        You must also enter the IP address of your e-shop in the Comgate administration. This is listed in the e-mail that was sent to you when you set up the e-shop, or you can request it from FastCentrik customer support.

        Then copy the IP address to the Comgate administration in the tab Payments/Configuration/Store connection configuration in the lower part of the settings.

        In addition to Merchant Identification, Password and Return URLs, the following information is also required.

        The Active mode button shows whether the payment gateway is currently in test mode (unchecked box) or is active and therefore visible to customers (checked box).

        At the moment when you have filled in all the necessary data both in the e-shop administration and in the Comgate administration, you can activate the payment gateway by checking the Active mode button.

        Customer notification settings

        In the next part of the settings, you can edit the texts that are displayed to customers depending on how successful their payment was.

        These confirmation texts include: confirmation of payment received, payment rejected and confirmation of unknown payment status.

        Goods character

        A necessary condition is the indication of the type of goods sold. You have the following options to choose from: Physical goods with physical delivery, Digital goods with online delivery, or Erotic goods.


        1) Comgate logo

        The shopping cart of your e-shop must also include the Comgate logo, which we will check before the payment gateway goes live.

        2) Terms of ePayment+

        Do not forget to include the information regarding the payment terms available in the Information Brochure you will receive from us in your terms of business for payment methods. This is the following information:

        • Explain to buyers the principle and method of the Payment Gateway.
        • Explain to buyers the safety principles of using the system and its security information.
        • Inform the buyer that payments made through the ePlatba+ service are made to the account of the payment processor Comgate Payments.
        • Obtain the buyer's consent to the processing of his contact data (e-mail address) by the payment processor.

        According to this outline, the conditions can look like this, for example:

        After sending the order, the Payer has the option to use the ePlatba+ service, which redirects him to his bank's internet banking. The payer sends the Payment via internet banking. The seller ships the goods immediately after receiving confirmation of payment. Money transfers are made through the account of ComGate Payments a.s.

        The sensitive input data you enter into the internet banking system is protected by the banks' payment gateways and does not reach third parties. Payment processors only see the transaction information that is communicated to them by the bank that sent the transaction.

        By concluding the purchase contract, the buyer gives the seller consent to the processing of his contact data until the time of his written statement of disagreement with this processing. The contact information provided by the buyer when ordering is used exclusively for our use and will not be provided to other entities with the exception of payment processors.


        After you set up all the necessary data, you still need to set up the payment, which you do in the same way as all other payments.

        You can make the settings in the FastCentrik administration via the following path: Settings/Payments/New payment method. Here you choose Comgate - online payment and some necessary data will be pre-filled. You can then gradually set the payment method in the individual tabs.

        Also, don't forget to link the payment gateway to a transport system you support.

        See how to proceed with general payment settings.

        Advantages of the FastCentrik e-shop solution and the Comgate payment gateway

        With the new improved payment gateway 2.0, you get a lot of new features and a clean responsive design. In addition, you will make shopping easier for your customers and achieve a higher ratio of completed payments.

        FastCentrik is one of the largest e-shop rental providers in the Czech Republic with a good reputation and extensive experience. You can choose from four e-shop rental options: Mini, Start, Basic and Plus versions. All versions include over 140 modules and 18 graphic templates, included in the price and an administrative environment that is simple and user-friendly for creating an e-shop.
        Other benefits of the rented FastCentrik e-shop include regular development as well as the elimination of worries associated with the development of the e-shop on your own. You only need to choose a graphic template, set the functions that are important for the operation of your e-shop, and you can sell immediately.

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