Frequently Asked Questions

      Frequently Asked Questions

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        We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to the payment gateways and payment terminals.

        Payment gateway

        When will I find out that the payment has been completed?
        We will provide this information based on the received notification from the bank. If the payment was made online by card, you will be informed within 30 minutes with online banking buttons (epayment+) within 2 hours; and with offline banking buttons (epayment) within 2 days. As soon as we receive the bank notice, the payment status will automatically change to “paid”. You can thus react and dispatch products to clients immediately.
        Payment information will be sent to you via e-mail. At the same time, you can check the payment status in the Client Portal under Payment > Client Payment.

        How soon will I receive the money to my bank account?
        We send payments every weekday. The exact date on which the payment is credited to your account depends on the bank thet holds your account. The usual period is 2 working days.

        Where can I check individual transactions?
        Every transaction can be found in the Client Portal under Payment > Customer payments. If you use a supported accounting system, you can automate and control everything directly therein.

        What is the minimal amount to make a payment?
        The minimal amount is 1 CZK; 0.1 EUR; 1 PLN; 100 HUF; 1 USD; 1 GBP, 5 RON.

        What happens if the customer is unable to complete the payment?
        With every started payment, a notification is sent to the payer so they can return to the payment before it expires. The customer gets a notification with a link to change the payment method and complete the payment.

        How long is the payment active?**
        The payment link stays active until its expiration. Before it expires, the customer can finish their payment at any time. After the time runs out, the payment changes the status to “unpaid”. The expiration period can be chosen in the Client Portal under Integration > Store settings > Payment methods.

        The default expiration period is 7 days and can be changed as you please.

        What if the customer pays with a currency that is not permitted on the payment gateway?
        Even in this case, the customer can shop in your store. If the customer pays with a supported card, they can choose the e-shop currency that suits them best and proceeds with the payment. In such cases, conversion is performed by the customer's bank according to its exchange rate.

        Example: Client with CZ card shops in the e-shop, where the only currency is euro. The customer pays in euros, their domestic bank mediates the conversion of the currency based on the exchange rate. The owner of the e-shop receives the payment in euros.

        What is the difference between the online and offline payment buttons?
        With online payment, the customer is redirected to their bank's internet banking. After logging, in they merely confirm the payment with pre-filled details.
        With offline payments, the customer has to log into their internet banking and manually submit the bank order using the generated data. The button will generate all the data required for payment including the QR code.
        We offer banking buttons with these banks: Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Era, Komerční banka, mBank, UniCredit Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and Fio banka.

        Can I set multiple accounts for individual e-shops?
        By standard, there is only one account pre-set for CZK and EUR payments in Comgate Payment systems. If you want the bank details for your transactions to be different, i.e. for payments to be sent to different CZK or EUR accounts, you must first edit them at the implementation level. The identifier is transferred through the “account” parameter. Choose a different identifier for each account and then send it with the respective account number to

        Can I send a payment link?
        Yes, each client with an active payment gateway has this option. We call it a “new payment” and you can generate the link directly in the Client Portal under Payment > New payment and then send the link to the customer.

        What is a Recurring Payment and what is it for?
        The Recurring Payment feature allows your customer to set up a recurring payment for your service for the same price - regularly every month or at a different interval. The service primarily serves e.g. for regular payments for subscriptions or club memberships.
        By standard, the first payment goes through the payment gateway while the subsequent payments run in the background having to fill in the credit card data. More information about setting Recurring Payments can be found here.

        This feature needs to be approved, so it is not automatically available to all clients.

        How do I set up a Recurring Payment?
        Recurring Payments must be integrated by API protocol and the assistance of your developer or web administrator is needed for integration.

        What do you do with credit card data?
        Comgate has a payment institution license from the Czech National Bank. Under the supervision of the Czech National Bank, we meet strict rules for handling personal information.

        We only mediate the payment, while the payer enters their credit card number via the safe interface of the third party (bank). We do not have the actual data.

        Which browsers are compatible with your payment gateway?
        The Comgate payment gateway will work on all common internet browsers except Internet Explorer.
        TIP: If the customer is using one of the supported browsers but their payment is still unsuccessful, it may be blocked by cookies or an add-on. In such cases, we recommend either trying incognito mode or a completely different browser.

        Payment refunds

        What is the latest date to refund a received payment?
        For a successful refund, you need to send a request no later than 6 months after the original purchase.

        How long does the refund take?
        We request the refund immediately, but banks have 10 working days to process it. You can check the refund status in the Client Portal under Payment > Refund.

        How can I confirm that the refund has been finalized?
        You can see the refund status in the Client Portal under Payment > Refund.

        What happens with a refunded payment when the payer does not have a valid card anymore or their account has been closed?
        If the card is invalid or the bank account is closed, the card issuer will cancel the refund. The bank will not proceed with the refund. This will be communicated to you by us. It is necessary to contact the customer and ask for different account details. For these cases, we recommend offering a different form of refund.

        What is the difference between chargeback and refund?
        A refund involves returning the funds to the payer based on your request. Refund of payment can be used for example when the payer returns the product/service within 14 days, as compensation to the customer for undelivered products/services, as a return of the deposit, etc.
        Chargeback involves returning the card transaction funds to the payer, based on their request, and it is always done when the payer denies making the credit card payment order during complaints about delivery of the service/product.

        What is the difference between cancellation and refund?
        Cancellation of payment is used when the e-shop order has been cancelled and the transaction is not to be completed by the payer. The payment must be in "expected" status. This means that the payer has not paid yet.
        Refunds are intended for already established and paid payments. Therefore the payment status needs to be "paid".

        Do I have to refund payments through Comgate?
        In case of card payment, refund customers only through the payment gateway. Never return the money by other means, e.g. via bank transfer to the customer's account. This is a rule of the Mastercard and Visa card associations.
        If the payer has made the payment with postponed payment, refund them only through the payment gateway.
        If the customer paid by bank transfer, you can return the money to the customer's bank account on your own.

        When I have requested a refund through API, can I find out if the refund has been processed through API as well?
        The refund status can be found only in the Client Portal under Payment > Refund.
        With the help of filters, you can find specific refunded payments and check the refund stauts.

        How can I identify payment refunds in my accounting system?
        A refund is marked in the payments list by a minus symbol (-). The fee for a refund is marked in the same way.

        Apple Pay

        How can I activate Apple Pay?
        The Apple Pay payment method is linked to the Card Payment method. Apple Pay is automatically displayed in the card gateway to users with Safari and Apple devices. No technical adjustments are required to display Apple Pay in the card gateway.

        Can I have an Apple Pay button on my e-shop as a payment method?
        Yes, for these purposes we have a guide for integrating this solution. The connection needs to be consulted with your web developer.

        How is Apple Pay charged?
        It is almost the same as paying by card. This is why the charge is the same as a regular card transaction according to your % rate.

        Why doesn't my e-shop display Apple Pay?
        The Apple Pay service is displayed only to Apple device users with Safari browser. It is not functional on different devices. If you are viewing the website on a different device, the method will not be displayed.

        What will happen with a payment if I do not have a card saved in Apple Wallet?
        It is not possible to complete payment via Apple Pay without a saved card. The payer can fill in their card number manually in the payment gateway or add a payment card to Apple Wallet and then try the transaction through Apple Pay again. During payment, the payer does not have to make the payment from the beginning but just click on the payment link in the e-mail.

        Can I pay through Apple Pay on a browser other than Safari?
        No - this service can only be displayed in the Safari web browser.

        Which Czech issuing banks support Apple Pay?
        Apple Pay is already supported by number of major banks including Air Bank, Banka Creditas, Bank of America, Česká spořitelna, Československá obchodní banka, Curve, Edenred, Equa bank, Fio banka, Home Credit, iCard, J&T Banka, Komerční banka, mBank, Monese, MONETA Money Bank, Paysera, Raiffeisen Bank, Revolut, TransferWise,Twisto, UniCredit Bank, Up,

        I have an Apple device, but the button does not display What could the problem be?
        First, check if your device supports Apple Pay service. If so, check the current iOS version of your device. If you do not have the newest iOS version, upgrade your device. Next, check if you have Safari browser available.

        Billing and statements

        When do I receive my monthly bill?
        You shall receive the monthly billing to the registered e-mail address no later than on the 15th day of the month. At the same time you can find it on that day in the Client Portal in the section under  Payment > Billing.

        When do I have to start paying the monthly fee?
        The first two months are the trial period during which the fee is not billed. After that time, you will be billed the monthly fee regardless of whether the payment gateway is in a trial or normal mode.

        Where can I find the invoice for my monthly fees?
        You can find billing of monthly fees from transactions in the Client Portal. The overview can be downloaded in PDF under Payments > Transfers to BA.

        How to link a variable symbol with the customer's order ID?
        We send payments under our variable symbols. To link transactions with orders (your internal variable symbol) you can use the refID parameter, which is displayed in the CSV. file in column “ID from a client”.
        If you want a verbal description in a CSV. "product“ column, enter “name” in the settings information .
        More information is available in the API protocol.

        What is the difference between 100% and regular payout
        By default, all our clients have payments pay-out set to daily.
        At the client's request, a 100% pay-out can be set, where we send the total amounts daily with fee balancing once a month in the form of an issued invoice.
        This service is charged at the rate of 0.1%. The fee for the transaction will be increased by this percentage.

        The service can be set from the first day of the calendar month.

        What is chargeback?
        Chargeback is paid service thanks to which the customer can request a cash refund to their card if you do not provide the service, do not send the goods or send different goods. If you do not react to the customer's refund request and they request chargeback, you will be charged 990 CZK for this action.
        When customers make this kind of request, banks always check the payment with us and we communicate with the seller = you.

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