How To Apply For a Loan

      How To Apply For a Loan

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        You can apply for a loan in the Client Portal under the Business Loan tab. The application process is as follows:

        1. Click on Show loan offer.
        2. Confirm your consent to submit your details and click on Check loan amount.
        3. Select the loan amount, repayment rate and the resulting length of the loan. Then click on I am interested.

        4. Fill in the form with your identification information.

        5. Upload a scan of your ID card (both sides) and a second document to verify your identity.

        6. Upload a statement from your main company account.

        7. Fill in the bank account number to which you wish to send the funds. 

        8. Confirm for the contract draft to be sent.
        9. You will receive a link to download the contract and sign it electronically via DigiSign. You will receive the funds within three working days.

        10. You can check the active Business Loans under the Business Loan tab in the Client Portal and download the contract for each loan separately.

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