How to Get a Payment Gateway

      How to Get a Payment Gateway

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        It's quick and easy - just follow three simple steps:

        1. Submit an inquiry

        Are you interested in a payment gateway? Fill-in the form on our website, we will contact you and together we will go through everystep of the process to sign the contract online.

        2. Conclude a contract

        Data required:

        • company name
        • VAT ID
        • address (street, house number, zip code, city, state)
        • contact details (email and phone number)
        • current bank account number for funds transfer
        • subject of business (what goods or services you offer)
        • web address (URL) of the e-shop or the name and address of the business premises
        • name of the developer of the e-shop

        E-shop requirements

        Mandatory data to be displayed on the e-shop pages in order for the payment gateway gateway to be put into operation:

        • company name of the website operator, which matches the name in the contract
        • contact information: e-mail and phone number
        • product information: description, price of goods or services
        • General Terms and Conditions
        • complaint conditions (conditions for returning goods, money)
        • delivery and payment conditions
        • GDPR
        • pages must be secured with HTTPS
        Sample documents
        If you are not sure how to prepare the aforementioned documents, we recommend that you study the sample documents prepared by the Association for Electronic Commerce or e-shop platforms such as Shoptet or OxyShop.

        Concluding a contract online

        To start the payment services, we will ask you for the following documents or information:

        • scan of 2 identity documents (ID card and 1 additional document) 
        • proof of ownership of the account where we will transfer funds 
        • an identification payment from the account to which we will transfer the funds
          • This payment of 1 CZK/0.1 EUR is automatically returned to the client's account after payment.
        • indication of the beneficial owner of the company
        • declaration of the country of origin 
        Payment institution
        Comgate a.s. is a payment institution that provides services based on a license from the Czech National Bank and observes special regulation under Act 370/2017 Coll. on payment systems and Act No. 253/2008 Coll. on some measures against the legalization of the proceeds of crime and the terrorism financing. Therefore, we are obliged to verify the identity of the persons to whom we provide payment services.

        Sample contractual documents can be found here. After verifying all data, we will send you the contract via e-mail. 

        If you wish to conclude a contract other than online, please contact our customer support.

        3. Connect the payment gateway with the e-shop

        After you agree to the contract, you can start the process of connecting the payment gateway to your e-shop.

        We support commercial and open-source platforms, you can also connect your own custom solutions. Instructions can be found below:

        Commercial platforms
        Open source solutions
        Custom solutions

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