Touch Screen Terminal Integration

      Touch Screen Terminal Integration

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        Integration with supported cash register systems

        For integration with supported cash register systems, the payment terminal and the computer must be connected to the same local network. The IP address and port number to enter into the cash register system can be found by referring to the screenshot below. Due to the number and variety of supported cash register systems, we recommend that you also consult their customer support if you are unclear.

        Integration with your own cash register system using REST API

        The terminal can be controlled from another device on the local network using a simple REST API. Supported operations include payment initiation, payment result, cancellation, etc.

        The protocol for connecting to the cash register system can be downloaded in PDF here. The current version of the documentation is 2.0.

        Demo is available to test the protocol, which behaves the same as the cash register system. Open the demo in Firefox. Url must be in http format. To log in, enter the IP and port number of the terminal and then the password 27924505 (The password is valid not only for the demo, but also for a live connection.) The terminal and computer must be on the same local network.

        You can also use the collections prepared for the Postman application.

        When integrating a new terminal with your POS, it is important to perform functionality testing, including testing the integration with checkout.

        Android Application Integration, SDK

        The method of development of third-party Android applications on the NEXGO payment terminal does not differ from the development on regular Android devices (smartphone). The communication between the third party application and the payment application is realized by means of an intent call according to the "Payment application" specification. The interface offers the invocation of financial operations such as payment, return, cancellation of the last transaction or service operations such as closing, handshake or parameter update. The payment application returns the result of the operation to the parent application in JSON format after performing the operation.

        The third-party application can also access terminal peripherals such as a printer. Access is done using the NEXGO SDK, where it is possible to access individual peripherals via an API.

        For security reasons, the distribution and installation of third-party apps is handled differently from regular Android devices. Any production version of the app is distributed and continues to be updated using our special pre-installed app, not from the standard Play Store. Based on the serial number of the payment terminal in question, the corresponding app will be installed or updated. In case of a request for distribution or update of the application, the application must be provided to our company in .apk format. We will sign the application with a special security certificate and distribute it to the required payment terminals.

        The above procedure is valid for production payment terminals. For development purposes, it is possible to provide a payment terminal in the so-called debug mode, using which it is possible to develop and upload applications locally in the usual way valid for standard Android OS devices.

        The numeric currency code (currencyCode) is based on ISO-4217, we currently support EUR (978) and CZK (203). The complete list is for instance here. 

        Download the API here.

        NEXGO API download here.
        (printer, QR reader)

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