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        The payment terminal allows you to return funds already debited from the payment card in two ways:

        1. The “Cancel” function" is used to cancel the last transaction performed. You can use the "Cancel" function, for example, if you entered the incorrect amount on the payment terminal. The "Cancel" function does not require the presence of a payment card. For a detailed description of the “Cancel” function, see the article on the “Cancel” function.

        2. The “Refund” function" is used for the partial or complete returning of funds to the customer. You can use the "Refund" function, for example, in the event of a complaint and a refund to the customer. A detailed description of the "Return" function is provided in this article.

        Information on using the Refund function

        Use the "Refund" function only if the original payment was made in the past. You can use the function, for example, for a subsequent complaint or return of goods. Refunds can only be made in the presence of the payment card.

        The function is protected by a PIN code, which must be entered when opening it on the payment terminal. The PIN code has been sent to your contact e-mail. After receiving it, we recommend changing the PIN. To change the PIN code, see the end of this page. The PIN cannot be deleted from the terminal. For security reasons, we recommend that you only share your PIN with an authorized person.

        The "Refund" function is not automatically part of the payment application, it is activated individually. If you are interested in this function, contact us at 228 224 267 or e-mail

        Return procedure

        1. Select "Return" in the application menu.

        2. Enter the PIN. You will receive it from us via e-mail. After receiving it, we recommend you change it. The instructions are below.

        3. Enter the amount you want to refund to the payer.

        4. The terminal prompts you to add a payment card.


        5. After a successful refund, the terminal displays "Complete" and prints a receipt automatically.

        Procedure for changing the PIN

        1. Select "Settings" in the application menu.

        2. Click on "Refund PIN".

        3. Enter the current PIN you received in the e-mail, then enter the new PIN. Confirm with the "FINISH" button.

        4. If the change was successful, the terminal displays "PIN change successful". Then use the upper left arrow to return to the application menu.

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