NEXGO Terminal Integration

      NEXGO Terminal Integration

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        Integration with REST API Register Systems

        You can control the Terminal from another device in the local network through a simple REST API. Among the supported operations are: Payment Initialization, Payment Result, Cancellation and more.

        PDF file PROTOCOL for connecting Register Systems can be downloaded here. Current documentation version - 1.8.

        You can try the protocol in the available Demo, which behaves the same as the actual Register System. To log in, enter IP and Terminal Port Number and then the password 27924505. Terminal and computer must be in the same network.

        You can also use the preset collection for the Postman application.

        Android Application Integration, SDK

        Third-parties Android Applications development is on the NEXGO terminal undifferent to common OS Android (smartphone) devices development. Third-party application and payment application communication is done through the intent call according to the "Payment Application" specifications. The interface offers financial operations like Payment, Return, Last Transaction Cancellation as well as service operations such as Total, Handshake or Parameters Update. The Payment Application resends the operation's result after processing such task to a superior application in the JSON format.

        Third-parties' Applications also can access the Terminal's peripheries such as printers. The access is done through NEXGO SDK where each periphery access option is through an API interface.

        Installation and distribution of Third-parties' Applications are different from common OS Android devices due to security reasons. All production version applications are distributed and updated with our special pre-installed application, not from the regular Play Store. The application will be installed or updated based on the respective Terminal's serial number. If you wish to distribute or update an application, you need to share it with us in the .apk format. We will provide the application's signature with our security certificate, as well as we will secure further distribution on requested Payment Terminals.

        The above-listed guideline is valid for production payment terminals. For the development needs, it is possible to provide a payment terminal in the so-called debug mode. With that, it is possible to develop and locally upload applications in the usual way for Android devices.

        API for download is here.

        NEXGO API for download here.
        (printer, QR reader)

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