Payments and Statements

      Payments and Statements

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        Customers' payments are transferred to your account every business day after deduction of the transaction fees in one total amount. If you use multiple currencies, the transactions are transferred for each currency individually.

        Daily billing

        As a part of everyday transaction settlement by one bulk transfer, we send an e-mail with a breakdown of transactions in the following formats:

        • CSV - file suitable for automatic processing in information systems
        • ABO - format suitable for automatic import to accounting systems
        • PDF - accounting document file

        All the daily statements are downloadable in the Client Portal under Payment > Transfers to BA or you can download them via the API protocol.

        Samples for download:

        • CSV sample file
        • ABO sample file with individual fees
        • ABO sample file with aggregate fee
        • Sample daily statement in PDF
        • Sample monthly statement in PDF

        Monthly billing

        Monthly billing contains an overview of all the daily transfers on your bank account and a summary of daily statements for the given month. You will also see any bonuses here.

        Monthly billing is generated no later than on the 6th day of the following month. You will find it in the Client Porta under Payments > Billing.

        Payment Breakdown Items

        • Merchant - the e-shop identifier can be found in the Client Portal under Stores settings > Store connection

        • Date of establishment - date when the payer was redirected from the shopping cart to the payment gateway

        • Date of payment - the day when a bank confirmed paid payment by the payer

        • Date of transfer - date when the bulk transfer of transactions was paid

        • Billing month - month, to which the payment is accounted

        • Comgate ID - 12-digit code, unique payment identifier

        • Product - any product identifier, which your system uses under the "name" parameter when creating a payment

        • Description - short product description (1-16 characters), which your system uses during the payment creation under the "label" parameter

        • Payment variable symbol - the variable symbol under which the payer made the payment. For example, if the Payment button method, this symbol is prefilled in the payment order in internet banking

        • Transfer variable symbol - a variable symbol of the bulk transfer

        • Client ID - Pairing symbol thanks to which you identify customers' ordered goods (e.g. order number, customer number etc.). Within the API protocol it is a Refld parameter, which the system sends during payment creation

        • Confirmed amount - the amount of the completed transaction (the price of the customer's order)

        • Transferred amount - the amount that will be transferred to the e-shop's bank account (reduced by the transaction fee)

        • Total fee - the fee according to the tariff

        • Interbank fee - the fee paid by the processing bank to the issuing bank

        • Association fee - the  fee that the card association will receive from the transaction

        • Card type - we distinguish 4 card types:

          • EU CONSUMER - consumer cards issued in the Czech Republic and EU
          • EU UNREGULATED - unregulated cards issued in the Czech Republic and EU
          • NON EU CONSUMER - consumer cards issued outside of the EU
          • NON EU BUSINESS - business cards issued outside of the EU

        Frequently Asked Questions

        When do I receive my monthly billing?
        You shall receive the monthly billing to your registered e-mail address no later than on the 15th day of the month. You can also find it on the same day in the Client Portal under Payment > Billing

        What is the difference between 100% and regular payout?
        By default, all our customers have the payout of payments set to a daily basis.
        At the customer's request, 100% payout can be set, where we would send the total amounts daily and the fees will be balanced once a month in the form of an issued invoice.
        This service is charged at a rate of 0.1%. The fee value for the transaction will be increased by this percentage.

        How to link a variable symbol with the ID of the customer's order ID?
        We send payments under our variable symbols. To link transactions with orders (your internal variable symbol) you can use the refID parameter, which is displayed in the CSV. file in “ID from a customer” column.
        If you want a verbal description in the "product“ CSV. column, enter in the “name” in settings.
        More information is available in the API protocol.

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