Permitted Countries and Services

      Permitted Countries and Services

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        Permitted countries

        We provide payment terminals to entities doing business in the Czech Republic.

        High-risk areas

        The sector of payment services is regulated by the Czech National Bank, Ministry of Finance and by rules of the Visa and Mastercard payment associations. Below we list the risk areas that require a special approach and for which different terms and conditions apply.

        High-risk areas are not prohibited but before concluding a contract, they must undergo special screening. The contract for payment services in these areas may differ from a standard contract.

        SegmentSpecific risk areas within the segment
        Travel agencies, air tickets, tickets, accommodation
        Travel agencies
        Tour operators
        Sale of air tickets, boat tickets (Steamship and Cruise Lines)
        Ticket sales, tickets for one-off events
        Accommodation facilities (manual card entry, pre-authorisation)
        Covid-19Covid-19-related products
        Erotica, pornographyErotic aids, including a small number of films on media (not online downloads), dating sites
        Financial services, investments, real estate, gold and commodities
        Trading in high-risk commodities (investment gold, investment coins, investment bullion and other precious metal products, precious metals, oil and gas, gold and gold dust, urea, diamonds and other commodities)
        Advisory services - financial, betting, investment, etc.
        Financial institutions, securities dealers, investment funds
        Insurance sale
        Exchange offices
        Arranging a payment transaction (e.g. a bill or credit order paid by card, a peer to peer or card to card transaction, etc.)
        Zlatnictví a klenotnictví
        Gambling, betting, lottery
        Casinos, arcades, gambling, betting, lotteries
        Cryptocurrencies and electronic money
        Recharge, purchase and redeem anonymous electronic money (e.g. prepaid cards)
        Hemp seeds
        Cannabis (marijuana) seeds for cultivation
        Medicines, dietary supplements, nutritional advice
        Dietary supplements
        Products containing CBD, regardless of concentration
        Diet and nutrition counselling
        Non-profit organizations, charity, fundraising, crowdfunding
        Neziskové organizace, charitativní činnost
        Crowdfunding, crowdfunding servers
        Other servicesTaxi services, courier services
        Divination services (astrology, horoscopes, numerology)
        Trade and storage of toxic substances with environmental impact
        Membership payments, subscriptions to clubs, groups
        Slevové servery
        PyrotechnicsSale of fireworks
        Tobacco accessories
        E-cigarettes, vaporizers
        Weapons and ammunition
        Weapons, except category D weapons (see Act No. 119/2002 Coll. on Firearms and Ammunition)

        Do you have a pharmacy?
        To activate a payment gateway, you need to provide special certification for pharmacy activity and prove the existence of your physical shop.

        Are you a tour operator?
        To activate a payment gateway, you need to provide special certification as well as bankruptcy insurance.

        Prohibited areas

        The list of prohibited areas is based on the rules of card associations and can be further supplemented. Card payment is not possible for the areas listed below.

        SegmentKonkrétní zakázané oblasti v segmentu
        Erotica, pornography

        Pornography, erotic webcams (Sale of works that stimulate the sexual urge while crossing the socially accepted line of decency)

        Sex dolls

        Dating sites offering erotic services, companion, escort services
        Financial services, investments, real estate, gold and commodities

        Real estate business (real estate agents)

        Cryptocurrencies and electronic money

        Crypto assets (exchange platforms - exchanges/exchanges, wallet providers (electronic wallets), currency miners, inicial coin offering, traders using completely anonymous cryptocurrencies as objects of exchange - Dash, Monero)
        Medicines, dietary supplements, nutritional advice

        MarketplaceWeb portals that mediate the sale of goods of other companies or persons, online marketplaces

        Addictive substances, alcohol, tobacco
        Shops selling narcotics, narcotic substances, e.g. Poppers, drug portals, marijuana coffee shop
        Other illegal activities
        All illegal activities according to the legislation in force in the Czech Republic, sale of goods and services that violate European Union legislation
        Other servicesTelemarketing - Selling and offering services via SMS and telephone outreach
        Political parties, churches, sects
        Funding of political parties including extreme left and extreme right, religious sects
        Storage, downloads, data services, software licenses and credits
        Activities that are reasonably suspected of infringing or enabling the infringement of intellectual property rights and copyright, e.g. illegal downloading of audiovisual works, public storage of computer games, music, etc.
        Persons authorised to trade in second-hand goods or to accept goods as collateral (bazaars, pawnbrokers)

        Weapons and ammunitionWeapons, except category D weapons (see Act No. 119/2002 Coll. on Firearms and Ammunition)
        Mediation of purchase, resale of goods
        Arranging purchases from Asian traders (counterfeit products, half a year delivery time, etc.)

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