Permitted countries and services

Permitted countries and services

When processing the request for establishing a payment gateway or terminal, the company and the offered goods or services are verified.

Verification of identity

ComGate Payments a.s. is a payment institution that provides services based on a license from the Czech National Bank and is subject to special regulation under Czech Act No. 370/2017 Coll., on payment services and Czech Act No. 253/2008 Coll., on certain measures to counter money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Under the above laws and other regulations mentioned, we are obliged to verify the identity of the persons to whom we provide payment services. That is why, when concluding the contract, we will ask you to send a scan of your identity card and one other document.

Permitted countries

We provide payment service contracts to entities doing business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Entities from other countries are subject to individual assessment.

High-risk areas

The sector of payment services is regulated by the Czech National Bank, Ministry of Finance and by rules of the Visa and Mastercard payment associations. Below we list the risk areas that require a special approach and for which different terms and conditions apply.

Specific risk areas in the segment

Travel agencies, flight tickets, admission tickets, accommodation

Travel agencies (with insurance), travel agencies (without insurance)
Sale of flight tickets, boat tickets
Ticket sales, tickets for one-time events

Products related to COVID-19
Erotica, pornography, romantic relationships
Erotic aids, incl. a small number of movies on media (not online for download), online dating
Financial services, investment, real estate, gold and commodities

Trade in high-risk commodities (oil and gas, gold and gold dust, diamonds and other raw materials).
Consulting services - financial, betting, investment, etc.
Financial institutions, securities traders, investment funds
Sale of insurance
Mediation of payment systems
Goldsmithing and jewelry

Gambling, betting, lotteries
Casinos, games rooms, gambling, betting games, lotteries
Cryptocurrencies and electronic money
Recharging, purchase and exchange of anonymous electronic money (e.g. prepaid cards)
Medicines, food supplements, nutritional advice

Dietary supplements
Products containing CBD
Dietary and nutritional advice

Addictive substances, alcohol, tobacco
Non-profit organizations, charities, collections, crowdfunding

Non-profit organizations, charitable activities
Crowdfunding, crowdfunding servers

Storage, downloads, data services, SW licenses and credits
Sales of software licenses, game and other digital licenses, codes and keys, all electronic products and services delivered to the customer immediately after payment, including online courses
Other services

Taxi services, courier services
Used clothing store
Divining services (astrology, horoscopes, numerology)
Trade in toxic substances with an impact on the environment and their storage
Payments for membership, subscription to membership in clubs, groups
Discount servers

High-risk areas are not prohibited but before concluding a contract, they must undergo special screening. The contract for payment services in these areas may differ from a standard contract.

Do you have a pharmacy?
To activate a payment gateway, you need to provide special certification for pharmacy activity and prove the existence of your physical shop.

Do you have a travel agency?
To activate a payment gateway, you need to provide special certification for travel agency activity, as well as bankruptcy insurance.

Prohibited areas

The list of prohibited areas is based on the rules of card associations and can be further supplemented. Card payment is not possible for the areas listed below.

Specific restricted areas in the segment
Erotica and pornography
Pornography, erotic webcams
Dating with the offer of erotic services, companions, escort services
Financial services, investment, real estate, gold and commodities
Exchange offices
Cryptocurrencies and electronic money
Crypto assets (exchange platforms-exchange offices, electronic wallets), currency miners, initial coin offering, traders using completely anonymous cryptocurrencies as the subject of exchange
Addictive substances, alcohol, tobacco

Drug stores, drug portals, marijuana coffee shops
Tobacco industry

Other illegal activities
All illegal activities according to the valid legislation of the Czech Republic, sale of goods and services that violate the legislation of the European Union
Other services
Telemarketing - Sales and offer of services via SMS and telephone contact
Political parties, churches, sects
Funding political parties including the extreme left and the extreme right, religious sects
Storage, downloads, data services, SW licenses and credits

Activities which are reasonably suspected of infringing on or allow the infringement on intellectual property rights and copyrights, such as illegal downloading of audiovisual works, public storage of computer games, music, etc.
I-cloud portals, rental of remote servers, webhosting, providing free websites
Sales and provision of telecommunications services, data services and the internet

Weapons and ammunition

Category A weapons (see Act No. 119/2002 Coll. on firearms and ammunition)
Weapons, except for category A weapons (see Act No. 119/2002 Coll. on firearms and ammunition)

Mediation of purchase, resale of goods
Arranging the purchase of third-party products and resale, where the goods are supplied by another entity

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