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        Do you have an e-shop on Shopify and don't know how to install the Comgate payment gateway? Here are some instructions that will make the installation easier for you. Just install our module via this link.


        1) The merchant clicks on the link that leads to the details of the application in the Shopify store, where you have the option to start the installation.
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        2) Shopify will request to confirm the app's permission to access store data.

        3) After approval, the merchant is redirected to the interface of the external application, which guides you through next steps. For Comgate, the first step is to send a registration email with technical details about the connection.
        konfigurace 1konfigurace 2

        4) Then wait for a contact from Comgate that the account is ready. After that, you can get back to the application via the same link.

        5) The merchant fills in the data for communication with the API of the payment gateway.

        6) If the data verification is successful, the last part of the process is made available to the merchant, where you can make additional gateway settings, but he must first press the "Activate" button here.

        7) Then you are redirected back to Shopify with connection information, where you can turn on test mode and optionally select supported payment methods. In the lower part, there is another green "Activate" button, which will only make the gateway available for display in the store.

        8) If the merchant had been using a previous payment solution, he can now deactivate it in Settings→Payments.

        Payments pairing

        The Comgate payment ID is not currently displayed in the order details in the Shopify admin interface. For payment matching you can use:

        • Comgate Client Portal, where both the Comgate payment ID (Comgate ID) and the Shopify order ID (ID from the client) are listed on the Customer Payments page for each payment.
        • Daily or monthly billing, where both data are also listed as Comgate ID and ID from the client in a CSV file.

        The first 13 characters of the Shopify order ID can also be found in the ABO formatted statement – on line type 075 (data) in position 4. The ABO formatted file does not allow you to insert the full Shopify order ID, which is 25 characters long.

        A simpler payment matching solution is in the works.

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