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        Feature activation
        To have the Tips feature activated, contact our customer support
        1. Choose "Payment" in the menu
        2. Enter the goods' or services' price. 
        3. If the Tips feature was activated, the terminal will offer to enter the tip value. Do this by increasing the total amount due. For example, if the customer is supposed to pay CZK 100 but wishes to pay CZK 20 tip, enter CZK 120 – the price plus the tip. The total payment will be 120 CZK.

        4. Confirm the amount by pressing "Pay"

        Tips as a percentage

        Customer Support can activate the tipping feature either as a whole amount, as shown above, or as a percentage. In this case, you can offer the customer the option to leave a tip of 5%, 10% or 15%, or 10%, 15% or 20% at checkout. After selecting the appropriate percentage, the total payment amount including the tip will also be displayed on the terminal.

        In case of a payment of 150 CZK and a tip of 10% of the amount, the tip amount of 15 CZK and the total value of the payment of 165 CZK will be displayed.

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