Connection to the TRIFID system

      Connection to the TRIFID system

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        To connect the payment terminal to the TRIFID POS system version 7.41 (year 2024) or newer, follow these instructions. 

        Setting up the payment terminal

        First, ensure that the terminal has a static IP address. This address should be determined by your network administrator and preferably set in the router interface. Alternatively, you can set it directly in the terminal's Wi-Fi settings. Ensure that the terminal and cash register are connected to the same local network.

        Restart the terminal and confirm that it has connected to the network with the correct IP address. The current IP address will be displayed on the terminal.

        Setting up the terminal connection in TRIFID

        Set the terminal connection in TRIFID by accessing System Functions > Configuration > Local Configuration.

        The terminal settings can be found on the right side of the parameter screen. To select the Comgate terminal type, press the F9 key and enter the IP address of the terminal (displayed on the terminal) in the table. 

        The port number is not set here, so the default value of 33350 is used.

        After configuring with the F2 key, check the availability of the terminal at the entered IP address, as well as during program start.

        The terminal can be used with printing disabled (if set by the terminal supplier), and the transaction documents will be printed by the POS printer. The terminal setup window includes additional parameters that must be set, such as the closing lines that are printed at the end of the receipt if they are filled in.

        To pay for a purchase by card, select the option when closing the receipt in the payment window by pressing the * (asterisk) key.


        Payment can also be made using a combination of card and cash.

        To set up the terminal for touch screen sales using the program's graphical interface, click on the Program Configuration button and select Peripherals Settings from the menu. Then, go to the Bank Card Terminal tab. The parameters for this setup method are identical to the previous one.


        To make a payment, simply press the Pay by card button on the bottom bar of the program.

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