Variable symbol

      Variable symbol

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        It is possible to enter your own variable symbol when making a payment via terminals. However, the maximum length allowed is 20 alphanumeric characters. To switch between numbers and letters, you must change the keyboard.

        1. Select "Payment" in the menu.
        2. Click on "Edit" next to the variable symbol.

        3. The system keyboard appears. The numeric keypad will appear after clicking on the displayed amounts in the lower left corner "123".

        4. Confirm the entry of the required variable symbol by clicking on the green icon in the lower right corner of the keyboard.
        5. If you do not want to enter the variable symbol, use the blue button in the upper left corner.

        The variable symbol is entered into the ID field of your client portal along with the payment. The payment variable symbol and transfer variable symbol fields should be left blank in this case. 


        What is the purpose of the VS Payment and VS Transfer fields in the client portal?

        The Variable Symbol Payment field generates an identifier for online payments made through the Comgate payment gateway, but is not used for terminal payments.  The Variable Symbol Transfer field is used to identify individual items when making daily or monthly transactions with a merchant.

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