Payment Gateway Integration Methods

      Payment Gateway Integration Methods

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        The e-shop's standard payment gateway can be displayed in four ways.

        1) REDIRECT – redirect to the URL 

        The most common method is REDIRECT, which redirects the customer to a new payment gateway after submitting a binding order with a payment request. Once the payment is made, the customer is redirected back to the e-shop. Instructions on how to offer redirection to the payment gateway in the e-shop can be found here.

        To integrate this solution, refer to the API protocol.

        2) INLINE – nested window

        The payment gateway can be displayed as part of the currently opened cart page in your store using the nested window method. This is a good option if you do not want to redirect the payer to a new address where the payment gateway is displayed. The nested iframe will fill your cart window and disappear after the payment is made.

        The API protocol contains instructions on how to integrate this solution.

        3) INLINE – popup window 

        Similar to the previous option, the payment gateway is displayed directly in the e-shop cart. A pop-up window appears, partially covering the cart contents, and disappears after payment completion. Implementing an iframe requires knowledge of web technologies.

        How to integrate this solution can be found in the API protocol


        4) Checkout SDK

        The Comgate Checkout SDK simplifies the implementation of payment methods into the online store cart without the need to interact with a payment gateway. The Checkout SDK guides the payer through the entire payment process automatically. Currently, only Apple Pay and Google Pay methods are available through this service. However, we are working on extensions for other payment methods.

        Instructions on how to integrate this solution can be found in the API protocol.

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