How to present the gateway in your cart

      How to present the gateway in your cart

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        Your e-shop can offer customers a variety of payment methods, all with the goal of ensuring successful payment completion.  If a payment attempt fails or preferences change, customers can return to the signpost and select another payment method.

        1) Complete withdrawal at the payment gateway

        The standard solution is a complete withdrawal at the payment gateway. This means that the customer selects the payment method and, if applicable, the banking institution exclusively at the payment gateway. By avoiding unnecessary steps in the shopping cart, the success rate of payment completion is increased.

        2) Choice of payment method in the e-shop, choice of bank on the payment gateway

        In the e-shop, customers can choose their preferred payment method from the options provided by the shop. The responsibility for this setting lies entirely with the e-shop. Once the payment method has been selected, the customer will be redirected to the payment gateway. Here, they can either make the payment or choose their bank provider for a bank transfer.

        3) Full selection of methods in the e-shop

        These options are displayed in the shopping cart, and after payment is created, only the selected method is shown to the customer on the payment gateway. Technical preparation of the e-shop signpost on the merchant's side is required for this option.

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