About Payment Methods

About Payment Methods

The payment gateway offers a wide range of payment methods. It is true that a high number of payment methods on the gateway equals a higher number of completed payments. That's why your customers can pay for a product or a service in 50 different ways.

Overview of payment methods

Card payments - We accept VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Apple Pay.

Bank transfers - We provide buttons for every important bank in Czechia, Slovakia and Poland, a total of around 50 banks.

Postponed payment - E-shop customers have the opportunity to buy now and pay later. Postponing payment for 30 days does not accrue interest. The e-shop will receive the funds immediately after purchase.

Apple Pay - It is possible to pay using Apple Pay in the payment gateway. This service is only shown to Apple users with a Safari browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

What card types does the payment gateway support?

We accept consumer and business cards from VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro and Apple Pay.

What is the minimal amount to make a payment?
The minimal amount is 1 CZK; 0.1 EUR; 1 PLN; 100 HUF; 1 USD; 1 GBP, 5 RON.

When will I find out that the payment has been completed?
We will provide this information based on the received notification from the bank. If the payment was made online by card, you will be informed within 30 minutes, with online banking buttons (epayment+) within 2 hours, and in the case of offline banking buttons (epayment) within 2 days. As soon as we receive notification from the bank, payment status will automatically change to “paid”, so you can react immediately and dispatch the products to clients.

Payment information will be sent to you by e-mail. At the same time, you can check the payment status in the Client Portal under Payment > Client Payment.

How soon will I receive money to my bank account?
We send payments every weekday. The exact date on which the payment is credited to your account depends on the bank holding your bank account. The usual period is 2 working days.

What happens if the customer is not able to complete the payment?
With every started payment, a notification is sent to the payer based on which they can return to the payment before the payment expires. In the notification, the customer can find a link to change the payment method and complete the payment.

How long are payment links active?
The payment link stays active until the payment expires. Before it expires, the customer can complete the payment at any time. After the time runs out, the payment status changes to “unpaid”. The expiry period can be chosen in the Client Portal under Integration > Store settings > Payment methods.
The default expiry period for everyone is set at 7 days and can be changed as you please.

What if the customer pays with a currency that I have not permitted on the payment gateway?
Even in this case, the customer can shop in your store. If the customer pays with a supported card, they choose your e-shop currency that suits then best and proceed with the payment. In such cases, the transfer is performed by the customer's bank according to its exchange rate.

Example: A customer with CZ card shops in the e-shop, where the only currency is EUR. The customer pays in EUR, their domestic bank mediates the transfer of the currency based on the exchange rate. The owner of the e-shop receives the payment in EUR.

Which currencies does the payment gateway accept?
Supported currencies: CZK, EUR, PLN, HUF, USD, GBP, RON, NOK and SEK.

How can I set up more currencies?
Submit a request to Customer Service to allow foreign currencies.

Can I set multiple accounts for individual e-shops?
By standard, there is only one account pre-set for CZK and EUR payments in the Comgate Payments system. If you want the bank details for your transactions to be different, i.e. for payments to be sent to different CZK or EUR accounts, you must first change this at the implementation level. The identifier is transferred through the “account” parameter. Choose a different identifier for each account and then send it with the respective account number to podpora@comgate.cz.

What do you do with data from credit cards?

Comgate has a payment institution license from the Czech National Bank. Under the supervision of the Czech National Bank, we meet strict rules for handling personal information (rules for handling personal information).
We only mediate the payment, while the payer enters their credit card number in a secure third-party (bank) interface. We do not have the actual data.

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