Accounting in SW Pohoda

      Accounting in SW Pohoda

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        In the Accounting system Pohoda you can bill a transaction in CZK, which were done through payment gateway or terminal, by two ways:

        • Statement import - when the statement is loaded, a new record of the type of receipt or issue in the bank's agenda is created for each movement. After creating these new records, liquidate documents and receivables according to the same VS.

        • Upload of Advice - When uploading the advice, there is no new movement in the bank's agenda. The bank's agenda searches for an entry that corresponds to the given advice (amount and VS). If it finds such a movement, then it writes down the individual items of the advice into it and liquidates the documents and receivables according to the same VS and the amount.

        Statement import

        For easing your work we have prepared a description of the import of transaction statements in ABO format (attachment .gpc) to accounting SW Pohoda.

        Adding Homebaking services

        In the first step you will select a menu item "Settings” and click on "Homebanking". You will enter the name "Comgate ABO” and select the format "ČS Business 24 (ABO)”. At the parameter "File for statements" set an address, on which you will store transaction statements in ABO format. In the parameter “After processing of a statement file” you can assess if you will move the ABO files to other files or remove them. We recommend to select the option “move to” and enter a detailed directory on disk.abo-pohoda-11

        Adding a bank account

        In a second step you will select a menu item “Settings”, select “Bank accounts”, where you will insert a new record.

        To the following items you enter the following information:

        • to ,,Shortcut” enter “CG”
        • to ,,Analytic account” enter “221000”
        • to ,,Account number” enter a bank account number from the Client portal. The number can be found in a section Payment methods in a column “Fictional account in ABO”
        • to ,,Bank” you will enter “Česká spořitelna”
        • to ,,Homebanking” enter “Comgate ABO”

        Accounting in ABO format

        We send you a statement of transactions in ABO formats by e-mail daily. You can find daily statements in the Client portal in a section Payments >Transfers on BA.

        The accounting procedure is as follows:

        • store the accounting file into a file
        • click on the menu item “Accounting” and select a file "Bank"
        • click on the menu item “Record” and select a file "Load statement"
        • select a service "Comgate ABO"

        Select files which you want to process and enter "Next". With this, your transactions are accounted for in the selected file.

        Transactions are shown in the breakdown by the following screen.


        Loading statement

        In the first step, in the Homebanking section create a new service "Comgate" - there you will create a path to the Advice files.



        Select the Advice Load in the "Bank" agenda.


        Guide for the Advice Load will open. You can select the created service of Comgate Advice.


        In order to verify the uploaded payments, you can also preview the file in this step before loading the Advice.


        After pressing the "Next" button, the advice will be processed in the Pohoda program and the reading result will be displayed.


        After pressing the button "Finish" the user will be redirected back to agenda "Bank", where will be filled data from loaded Advice file into the banking move on a bookmark "Document items".8-pohoda

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