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        Apple Pay is a payment method that allows customers to easily pay using a card saved in Apple Wallet. They do not have to type the card number or other data during payment.

        Payment from the payer's point of view

        Payment via Apple Pay is basically a card payment.
        To use the service, you need a Safari browser and an Apple device with Touch ID or Face ID such as:

        • iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID, except iPhone 5s
        • iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini with Touch ID or Face ID
        • Mac models with Touch ID, Mac models released in 2012 or before in combination with an iPhone or Apple Watch supporting Apple Pay

        More information about supported devices can be found here.

        To make this payment method work, it is necessary to store card details to the Apple Wallet first.
        You can find details about entering data into Apple Wallet here.

        Payment process

        1. Choosing the Apple Pay method
        To view the Apple Pay service, the payer must select either the Apple Pay method directly or the Card Payment method. If the payer has selected the method in the e-shop cart directly or has selected payment by card, they will be redirected to the card gateway. If the e-shop does not offer a choice of payment methods, the customer is redirected to the menu. The Apple Pay option will be displayed there separately. After selection, the customer is not redirected to the payment gateway. Instead, Apple Pay continues in the menu interface.

        2. Apple Wallet card selection
        In the next step, the card saved in Apple Wallet will be shown. If the payer has multiple saved cards, they select one of them.

        3. Payment confirmation
        In the next step, the customer confirms the payment. If the phone supports Face ID, the payment can be confirmed using the phone's side button. A MacBook that supports Touch ID confirms payments using the haptic key. Devices that do not support biometrics confirm payments with passwords.

        4. Payment completion
        If the payment is completed, the "Completed" notification pops up. Customers are then redirected to the e-shop.

        Payment from the e-shop's point of view

        The Apple Pay method is tied to the Card Payment method. Apple pay will be automatically shown on the payment gateway to users with Safari browsers in an Apple device. No technical adjustments are needed for displaying it. However, if you require a different appearance fo Apple Pay's, you need to follow the steps below. Once the store goes into production, it can take up to 15 minutes for Apple Pay to register and appear in the payment gateway interface.

        Interface appearance

        1. Apple Pay is a part of the Card Payment method
        After clicking on "Pay by card", the customer is redirected to the payment gateway. The service is automatically shown there. Here, the payer also can enter the card number manually. If the payer reaches the payment gateway from a device or browser that does not support Apple Pay, they will be able to pay using a regular card.

        Implementation is identical to any other payment method. You can find implementation instructions in the API documentation.

        We recommend adding the Apple Pay logo to the card associations in the Card Payment menu.
        karta - kosik(1)

        2. You can feature Apple Pay in the cart as an individual payment method.
        Apple Pay will be offered in the shopping cart next to Card Payment as another payment method. After clicking on it, the customer is redirected to the payment gateway.

        Implementation is identical to any other payment method. You will find implementation instructions in the API documentation.


        3. Apple Pay can be integrated directly into the e-shop
        In this option, the payer is not redirected to the card gateway, the payment is paid directly in the e-shop environment. This is the most demanding option in terms of technical integration. For integration, the javascript library Checkout SDK is used, the 
        technical documentation of which can be found here.

        Advanced features

        Just like with card payments, you can perform refunds, pre-authorizations and deduct payments later. However, Apple Pay does not support recurring payments.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How can I activate Apple Pay?
        Apple Pay is linked to the Card Payment method. Apple Pay will appear automatically in the Card Gateway for users with Safari and an Apple device. No technical adjustments are required.

        Can I have an Apple Pay button on my e-shop as a payment method?
        Yes, for these purposes we have a 
        guide to integration of this solution. For the right implementation, consult your developer.

        How is Apple Pay charged?
        It is a type of card payment – meaning it is charged like a regular card transaction according to your tariff.

        Why does my e-shop not display Apple Pay?
        The Apple Pay service is displayed only to Apple device users with a Safari browser. It is not functional on other devices. If you are viewing the sites from a different device, the method will not be displayed.

        What happens with a payment if I don't have a card saved in Apple Wallet?
        It is not possible to complete a payment via Apple Pay without a saved card. The payer can remain in the card gateway and enter their card number manually, or add a card to Apple Wallet and then try the transaction via Apple Pay again. During payment, the payer does not have to make the payment from scratch, they can just click on the payment link in the email.

        Can I pay with Apple Pay on a browser other than Safari?
        No. This service can only be displayed in the Safari browser.

        Which issuing banks support Apple Pay in the Czech Republic?
        Apple Pay is already supported by a number of major banks, their full list is here..

        I have an Apple device but the button doesn't appear. What could be the problem?
        First check whether your device supports Apple Pay. If so, check the current iOS version of your device. If you don't have the latest iOS version, update your device. Next, check if you have the Safari browser available.

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