Card Payments

      Card Payments

        Article Summary

        Card payment is the most common payment method. Comgate payment gateway supports Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro cards.

        Payment process

        The payment process from the customer's point is described here. 

        As soon as the payment is approved, you and the customer will receive information about the payment finalization so you can proceed to sending the goods right away.

        Apple Pay and Google Pay

        Apple Pay and Google Pay are tools to facitiate card payments. Payment itself is performed like a regular payment using a card saved in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet service.
        Learn more about Apple Pay and Google Pay.

        Payment gateway features

        Here are links to articles about some of the card payments features. 

        Fees and billing

        Using card payments incurs fees. In the Fees and Bonuses article, you can learn about these fees. This separate article gives you information about transfers to the e-shop account and statements.

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