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        The first step in activating the payment gateway on the Shoptet platform is to purchase the Shoptet plugin.

        Concluding a contract for payment services and registration of an e-shop in card associations can also take place before purchasing the plugin in Shoptet. However, the launch of live operation of the payment gateway is conditioned by purchasing the plugin.

        Payments in CZK

        As soon as your payment gateway is activated for a specific e-shop (URL), you can log in to the administration of your e-shop and activate the contracted payment methods under Settings > Delivery and payments > Payment methods

        A list of all contracted payment methods can be found in the Comgate Client Portal.

        By default, the payment methods are accessible in your administration and it is up to you to activate the individual methods for your customers. You can activate them by clicking on the button in the "Visibility” column.

        As for online bank transfers, you have two options to make them available to your clients:

        1. Activate online bank transfers individually for each bank. In this case, they will appear separately in the payment methods offer in your e-shop.
        2. Choice of  "online bank transfer " payment method (see figure below). This activates all the available online bank transfers. The customer chooses this payment method in your e-shop and is then redirected to the payment gateway menu, where they choose the bank they want to use for payment via internet banking.

        Payments in foreign currencies

        Payments in various currencies can be offered in the payment gateway. Foreign customers can typically make payments in EUR from a foreign bank account. For the payment gateway to function properly in your e-shop, we recommend following the instructions below.

        Activation of foreign currencies

        The first step is to add the foreign currencies. Shoptet allows you to add additional currencies using an extension. Therefore, you need to purchase the extensions. Open the Foreign Currencies extension page and install it in your e-shop:

        Adding a payment method to the e-shop

        Go to your e-shop administration. In menu go to Settings > Primary settings > Currencies. The “Add” bis visible and active utton in the upper right-hand corner.

        Adding the EUR currency

        In the dialogue window, choose the requested currency and add it to your e-shop. As an example, we chose the EUR currency:

        Change of payment method

        You also need to edit the payment method in the Payment Methods section. In the left-hand menu, go to Settings > Shipping & Payments > Payment Methods. To set a rule for a given currency, just click on the line with the requested payment method.

        Payment method price list settings

        After clicking on the name of the payment method, the detail of the payment method is displayed, with Price List settings on the page below. We recommend editing the predefined item, which is set to Czech crowns by default.

        Currency adjustment in the payment method price list

        In the dialogue, change the currency from CZK to EUR. This will ensure a functionality where the payment method is displayed only when the customer has selected a payment in EUR in the e-shop.

        Switching order status

        When the payment outcome is transferred from the payment gateway to your e-shop on the Shoptet platform, it is possible to change the order status automatically according to your requirements. You can find the settings for this feature in the Client Portal under Integration > Store settings > Shoptet order statuses.

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