What is a Payment Terminal

What is a Payment Terminal

A payment terminal is an electronic device that enables accepting card payments in stores. Payments are made by holding a card near the device or inserting it into the terminal directly. A mobile phone or smartwatch with a "pre-loaded" payment card can also be placed near the payment terminal.

Payment terminals are divided into:

  • Stationary (fixed) - they communicate via wired internet, and must be connected to the electrical grid.
  • Portable - they communicate via Wi-Fi or data SIM.

Terminals with Wi-Fi connection are suitable e.g. at restaurants or cafes. You can also connect via a hotspot.
Terminals with a data SIM can be taken outside of the branch.

Payment terminal functions

Card payment - acceptance of payment using VISA, Electron, Mastercard, Maestro cards

Apple Pay and Google Pay - terminals accept payments using cards loaded to a mobile phone or smartwatch. For functionality, upload your payment card data to Google Pay or Apple Pay. Payers are asked to authorize their payments with their fingerprint (Touch ID), face (Face ID) or by entering a PIN for higher amounts.

Meal vouchers - you can accept Ticket Restaurant, Chèque Déjeuner (UP), Naše stravenka, Sodexo, Edenred, Gusto Karta, Benefit Plus meal vouchers on the payment terminal.

Payment cancellation - if you entered the wrong amount for your last transaction, you can cancel it using the “Cancel transaction” function.

Payment matching - terminals also offer the option of labelling each payment with a code (variable symbol) for easier processing during accounting.

Connection to accounting systems - we collaborate with the Pohoda, ABRA, FlexiBee, Money ERP and iÚčto.cz accounting systems.

Payment terminal manuals

NEXGO payment terminal (+420 228 267)

User manual for Verifone terminals (tel.: +420 228 224 029).

User manual for PAX S920 terminals (tel.: +420 228 224 029).

First steps with PAX S920 terminals (tel.: +420 228 224 267).

First steps with PAX S800 terminals (tel.: +420 228 224 267).

User manual for PAX S920 and PAX S800  terminals (tel.: +420 228 224 267).

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